05 November 2007

You can overcome the blues using these simple tools

We are only human and it is natural to get the blues. You know how it is: work pressure, the kids, something breaks down, and so on. We do, however, have available great tools to help us overcome the blues. And overcoming the blues can be very advantageous in our everyday lives, and our goal setting endeavors. I would venture it to say it is also natural to overcome the blues with just a little thought and some effort.

It was Rudyard Kipling who said, "Words, without a doubt, are the most powerful drug". And words are one of the best tools available to overcome the blues…

The Power of Words

Words are fundamental to overcoming the blues. Let's consider some examples of the power of words.

The salesperson's hard sell tactics, and how those words can be used to convince you to buy. Think of a relative's request for a loan? Words are far more than simple communication, truth, falsehood, and the many shades in between. Words have the power to influence, and even manipulate your thinking and behavior.

Choose your words with care - not only in speaking, but also in your thoughts. Words are your "stealth" mental weapon to help you overcome the blues.

Motivational Quotes

These small tools are free and very easy to use. Yet the value of this in overcoming the blues is really great. But...

There is a little trick in getting the most benefit from using quotes to overcome the blues.

It is not a matter of reading dozens, or even half a dozen at a time, and then giving no more thought to what you read. Read the quote, think about what you read, even visualize the concept, and this way it seeps into your subconscious, and here is where you derive the greatest benefit. You will be able to retrieve the quote, and the power message behind it, when you need it.

Read Positive Material

Beware of the daily paper. News is built on sensation, and it is the standard to report the sensation, which is usually of a dramatic nature. There is very little that is uplifting, and thus this can bring on the blues for the rest of your day.

Read positive articles - the web offers an abundance of these. Books are another positive source, especially reading biographies and autobiographies of great people. You can also read humorous books, even joke books.

The key is to always read something that uplifts your spirit, or restores your confidence. Reading positive material can actually also boost your energy level, thus you can then wave the blues goodbye.

Value of Having Goals

When you have something positive to focus on, and to hold your attention, it can be a great deterrent to overcome the blues. Having a goal in your life is just such a thing. When you focus your attention on working on your goal, especially when you reach a milestone, the blues become something of the past.

Motivational Speakers

The messages of motivational speakers can be awesome in helping you overcome the blues. Professional speakers are trained to uplift, encourage and motivate their listeners. If possible, grab yourself an audio of a motivational speaker, and listen to this whenever you feel the blues approaching.
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