09 February 2009

Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book

'Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’

In ‘Future PaathShala’ (
www.born2win.in/future_paathshala.html) we make our students to dream, we make them believe that these dreams will come true. Not only this, during ‘Future PaathShala’ our students take strong, committed action towards their dreams. It’s amazing to see the metamorphism of ‘Future PaathShala’ students during the journey of ‘Future PaathShala’. What causes them to take drastic action towards their dreams, is simply they convert their ‘Dreams’ into ‘Goals’! Yes. There is a huge difference between a DREAM and a GOAL.

A DREAM requires effortless sleep…
A GOAL requires sleepless efforts.

A Dream is just a wish. A Goal is the strong desire to achieve something. The key is to differentiate between our mere wishes and our strong desires. If you have an enough reason to do something, you will definitely do it. If you have strong purpose to achieve something, no matter what, you will achieve it. If you have powerful desire to accomplish something, you will do anything and make sure that you accomplish it! So what’s the point? To convert your DREAM into a GOAL you need to associate a very strong reason to your DREAM. When you have a strong reason to achieve your DREAM, then it becomes your GOAL. Now, associating strong reason to achieve your goals is not that easy, it is a process.

In ‘Future PaathShala’ we use some advanced tools, such as Visualization, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and something called ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’, etc to convert student’s dreams into their goals. In this article, I am going to talk in brief about ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’.

What is ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’?

‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’ is a wonderful way by which we can represent our goals in our own innovative way. ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’ is an anchor that provides an instant motivation and confidence to anyone who has prepared it. Basically, it is a book in which, one represents his or her goals in terms of pictures and words in a systematic yet innovative and inspiring way.

How ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’ is made?

Preparing ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’ requires conscious efforts. We need to define our goals first. Our goals can be many and we can set our goals for various aspects of our life such as education, career, health, relationships, social responsibility, learning, enjoyment and so on. Also we need to be very clear about ‘Exactly what we want to achieve’ and ‘How we are going to achieve it’. Once it is clear to us then we can start preparing our ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’.

In your ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’ you must mention following things:

1. Pictures of your Goals
2. Definition of your Goals
3. Resources you require to achieve your Goals
4. Role Models
5. Set of Actions
6. Reasons to achieve your Goals

I always tell all my ‘Future Stars’ that, they should make their ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’ a Masterpiece! This book is ‘The Book of their Life’ then it has to be a Masterpiece. This book is going to give them the motivation, confidence, purpose and a strong desire to help them achieve their goals. I am very proud about the fact that, my students (‘Future Stars’) make their ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Books’ really masterpieces of their lives. Here I am taking an opportunity to share snaps of some of the best ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Books’ prepared by my students.

1. Miss Shruti Suresh (FYJC, Ruparel College)

2. Miss Neha Singh (SYBCOM, Jhunjhunwala College)

3. Mrs. Madhura

Youth has so much energy, passion and innovation dormant within them; ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’ provides an excellent excuse letting all those hidden aspects come out! If you have not prepared your ‘Future PaathShala Picture Goal Book’ just start preparing it now. For more details about ‘Future PaathShala’ click on following link: (

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