10 January 2009

LAKSHYAVEDH - A Self-Empowering Training Program

Do you feel that, you posses far more Talent, Intelligence, Capability and Creativity than what you currently are utilizing in your work?
If the answer of above question is YES!
Just read on…

Guru Dronacharya was teaching his students the art of archery. He put a wooden bird as the target and asked his students to aim at the bird. The first disciple was asked to describe what he saw. He said, “I see the trees, the branches, the leaves, the sky, the bird and its eye.”
Guru Dronacharya asked this disciple to wait. Then he asked the great Arjun the same question who was also one of his disciples and Arjuna replied, “I only see the eye of the bird.” Guru Dronacharya said, “Very good. Now shoot.” The arrow went straight and hit the eye of the bird.
Unless we focus, we cannot achieve our goal. It is hard to focus and concentrate our full potential, but it is a skill that can be learned. And the most essential aspect to focus, concentrate and maximize our potential is to have a clear and challenging goal in front of us. In fact, we become truly aware about our own potential is when we have a challenging goal. Everyone wants to achieve success in life, but not necessarily each person knows HOW?

If you always do what you always did,
You will always get what you always got!
‘LAKSHYAVEDH’ – An amazing journey of eleven weeks, which will not only help you to set your goals but also to achieve it! ‘LAKSHYAVEDH’ is a eleven weeks Self-Empowering Training Program based on Intensive Research which helps Professionals, Self-Employed People and Businessmen to achieve extraordinary goal in life they deserve and desire with the help of proven principles and also some functional & attitudinal skills.
‘LAKSHYAVEDH’ Program is divided in to two parts:
  1. Deciding GOAL and Getting Prepared for your GOAL.
  2. Taking Strong, Committed and Appropriate Action to achieve your ‘ONE MONTH PROJECT’ – LAKSHYA!
1. The Go – Getter Attitude
Goal Setting
Goal Achievement Project
Time Management
Call for Change
Effective Interpersonal Relationships
Effective Presentation Skills
The Go –Giver Attitude
Mr. Atul Arun Rajoli
(B.E. Computers, NLP Practitioner (ANLP, UK), Hypno-Therapist, Time-Line Therapist, Mind & Memory Trainer)


To know, how this Training Program can help you in your life call NOW:
9869 120130, 9821 898171, 022-22939377
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